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Working With Students

Ms Massey approaches teaching through active questioning rather than static answers, or rote.

Theories are not the same as principles in art. For example, the color wheel is a theory and merely points a painter in a direction for futher discovery. A principle can be applied to the painting process as a real beginning point. A painter must begin again each time they pick up a brush.

Painting is a nonverbal discipline. The dabs of paint--the brushwork is the language the painter uses to say what it is the viewer must hear. Every painter must develop their own language. Over time, this is what makes a painter Original.

There are no mistakes in painting--only better choices. mkm 2007


Workshops are offered at all levels in oil and soft pastels using the figure or still life as subject. Each workshop location is unique.

Please contact the hosting art center for information about materials needed and accomodations for the classroom. A complete supply list for both oils and pastels is available upon registration for a workshop. (Scroll through workshop calendar at right).

To Schedule a Workshop

Contact the Artist:

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